Old School Runescape is designed by adding lots of features and playing options. Quests are playing a crucial role in the game. There are lots of quests available in the game. Mainly the quests are divided into two categories.

  • Free to play
  • Members only

The free to play quests can be played by any kind of player. If we talk about the member only options then the players those have a premium membership they can access quests only. By spending the in-game funds, the players can provide strength to the characters and completing the quests properly. The trusted osrs gold sites are providing lots of help here in collecting funds. Use of funds is helpful in unlocking the gears and making lots of things easier for winning the combats.

Types of quests

As we discussed above the game is featured with numerous quests. In the upcoming details, I’m going to explain some major types of quests.

Let them eat pie

For completing the quest, the players need to contact some specific characters in the game and take their help. With it, the quest is completely free to play for the players.   

One piercing note

In the quest, the players become a part of the murder mystery. The location of bloody mystery is at the sand-blasted desert monastery. Here, you can enjoy different types of sound effects and numerous other factors.

The blood pact

For completing this particular quest, the players need to stop a cultists plot. It can help them in unleashing the undead horde easily and complete the quest.

Missing presumed death

This particular quest is available only for the premium members. In the quest, you can see the return of gods. With it, different types of new wars get started and provide lots of entertainment.

These are some types of quests those you can enjoy in the game. Try to be prepared every time by which you can get any kind of challenge at any time and in any situation.

Way to complete quests

All individuals are trying to find out the source by which they can easily complete the quests. For such a task, they need to be focused on two major factors such as – skills and gears. The assistance of trusted osrs gold sites is beneficial in unlocking all types of required stuff by spending lots of money. The interested players need to choose the best source which genuine services.