There are problems with the flash player in the browser , when the latter either works incorrectly due to incorrect settings, software errors or poor integration with the browser, or overloads the processor, and the processor does not have enough computing power to perform these operations. Moreover, this situation is relevant not only for “weak” or old machines, but also for fairly productive workstations. Also, computing power can load a huge number of parallel open windows or programs. This item is most relevant when watching videos of HQ-class or HD-format as you watch movies online.


The type of browser used also affects streaming video. It is recommended to use “fast” browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Do not forget about the limitations imposed in Windows on the number of active connections, which cannot be more than 10 (we do not take into account the “patched” OS), therefore with a large number of open windows and / or programs using the Internet channel (in t. H. and ICQ) may experience problems with viewing.

Do not forget about the included antivirus, firewalls (firewalls), as well as torrents, as well as other programs that can load the system or affect the channel.

  • It is no coincidence that this word was officially born in the forties, in reference to the damage related to the launch of bombs by airplanes during the war. In fact, block, in English, identifies the blocks composed of the various buildings that make up a metropolitan fabric. Buster, on the other hand, refers to something deflagrating. Hence, the term now known throughout the world that indicates something particularly popular in the show.
  • There are blockbusters belonging to virtually all genres: from comedy to disaster movie, from romantic meatloaf to war movies, through costume drama, sci-fi adventure and western, there is practically no film category that does not include a film blockbuster among its ranks.
  • Widely praised by the public, the planetary hit film is a “pop object” that becomes a vehicle for fashions and trends and, in many cases, plays the role of a prolific merchandising factory.

The popularity of a film corresponds to the ratio between the average of the votes collected by a film and the number of users who added it to their Wall: here is the secret of the blockbusters, the best-known and most successful titles between the audiences of your social network on the favourite cinema! Watch them on 123movies.