Roman blinds are made up of fabrics and it provides an amazing look to the entire home. It seems to be elegant, stylish and give richness to the windows. Roman blinds come in different shades of fabrics like plain or with some designs. These products are adorable and durable.

About Roman blinds

Roman blinds are elegant blinds that hang flat when pulled down and forms fleets when folded. These blinds are operated using cords at the side. Roman blinds have been in use since decades. It is like an envelope made out of fabric and lining. The lining is attached to fabric and closed on all sides. It is structured in a way that when blinds are pulled down, they fall straight and covering the full window and when pulled up they get folded horizontal which stack one above another and sit on the top bar.

The rods and tapes are hidden at the back of the rod and so it’s not visible from front. Roman blinds are stitched in a neat and simple way that has made it to be so popular and preferred by all.

Fabrics of Roman blinds

There are wide varieties of fabrics available for Roman blinds in different colors and materials from which you can choose that you like. It is more important that the quality of the fabric should be good that it lasts for long. There are plain colors and also with some patterns. You can choose the type that suits your room’s theme. Also you can combine two colors of fabric and design it.

A silk fabric will make it to look grand and also make it less weight. Medium weight fabrics like polycotton, linen and jacquards are more durable. Cotton fabrics are the best for roman blinds because when they are stitched, they stay stable so that it would be easy to fold and give sharp edges. Velvet fabrics are heavy weight and they do not lie flat for fleets.

Apt place for Roman blinds to use

It depends on where you choose to install these Roman blinds in your home either on windows outside or inside. Roman blinds come in different sizes that meet up all your needs. Since Roman blinds are resistant to moisture there is no limitation to use it in kitchen or bathrooms. Roman blinds are suited in windows to enhance the room appearance better.